Fact Sheets

The PRC has four prevention priorities: Underage Alcohol Use, Tobacco and Nicotine Product Use, Marijuana Use, and Prescription Drug Misuse. Here are some fact sheets created by PRC6:

What are Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning (2021)

Alcohol and How it Affects Our Lives (2020)

Youth and Prescription Drugs: Accessibility and Consumption (2020)

Tobacco Use and Vaping, Consumption Rates in Youth: Grades 7-12 (2018)

Alcohol Use Fact Sheet (2018)

Marijuana Consumption, Texas and Region 5 and 6: Grades 7-12 (2018)

Marijuana Use Fact Sheet (2018)

Prescription Use Fact Sheet (2018)

Quick Facts on Synthetic Drugs in Region 6 (2015)

Quick Facts on Marijuana in Region 6 (2015)

Quick Facts: Impacts of Alcohol in Texas (2015)

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